GL Code Report

The GL Code report is used to track various revenue metrics from products assigned to specific GL codes over a specific period of time


How does it work?

  • Once a code is assigned to the product, you can run a GL code report to get the different metrics on those products
  • If there are blank rows:
    • Top is unassigned
    • Bottom is summary
  • Not that if the GL codes are only put in place after bookings are made, it will not include old bookings to the GL code report. Brodie can do this manually but it is still manual work



What data can you see?

  • Booking location  is a filter used to view where the booking occurs
  • GL Code column lists out the different GL codes used in your platform
  • GL Name is the name/description of the code
  • Net revenue is the recognised revenue less tax payable
  • Session duration is the total session duration of that particular GL code over the selected time period
  • POS total is the total balance processed via POS

  • Recognised revenue (inc tax) column lists out the total recognised revenue for each GL code. Note that this doesn’t break down the revenue per product
  • Tax payable is the tax payable on the total revenue per GL code
  • Quantity recognised is the total quantity of products for each GL code
  • Funds received is the total funds received for that particular GL code over the selected time period. The balance might differ from recognised revenue as this is column purely shows the amount of funds received regardless for when the booking is for (which indicates when the balance becomes a recognised revenue)
  • GL name column lists out the description of each GL code



How is this report activated?

  • You will need to contact your Account Manager to activate this report. Additional fee may apply




  • We recently added GL codes to our platform, however some transactions are still not classified. Why is that? GL codes applied to products does not update retrospectively. This means that if you only apply the codes after you went live and take transactions, the code will only be applied to new transactions and old transactions are not going to be automatically reclassified. If you would like past transactions to be reclassified, please speak with your Account Manager or the Support team.



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