Create an Open Product

Open Product allows staff at the POS device to create a custom product and set the price then and there. Please note this will not affect your current products that are limited by stock levels or capacity figures, so this is to be used for situations where numbers are not affected


Create your Product

Hover over the 'Products' button in the left-hand side navigation and select 'Create product'



On the Products page and select the Add-Ons option


Fill in the details

  • Add a Name: Set the name to "Open Product"
  • Upload an Image (optional): so that this stands out in POS, you can add an image (390 by 640 pixels) to clearly distinguish Open Product from other passes or add ons



Click Save & Continue to go to the next page


Publish your Product

On the next page, select the Open Product option and Publish your product. If you like, you can also apply a specific GL code or tax setting to this product



How to use Open Products

Head to POS

Add the Open Product to your POS menu options and follow these instructions should you need to use it:

  • Simply select Open Product from the POS-
  • Type in the price
  • Optional: write a note to describe what is being charged or the scenario this is for

Press 'Apply' and select one of the payment options to continue and finalise the transaction

Staff should be trained as to what circumstance this product should be used, this will be up to the venue. Please remember, this should not be used to replace products that have limitations such as stock levels or session based capacities to adhere to

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