Setting up Analytic Tracking

Using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics this guide will show you how track your online ROLLER checkout's customer behaviour.

Please note: this article is written with the expectation you have a strong knowledge of Google Tag Manager. 


Before we begin 

You must have the following accounts set up:

  • Google Tag Manager (GTM):
  • Google Analytics (UA):
  • as well as analytic tracking enabled on your ROLLER platform 
    (request activation here)

Once you have set up these accounts you will need the following:

  • GTM Account ID - go to 'ADMIN' > 'Account Settings'
  • GTM Container ID -  go to 'ADMIN' > in the url bar following 'containerId='
  • Public GTM ID -  go to 'ADMIN' > located next to the container name 
    (e.g: GTM-XXXX)
  • Google Analytics ID -  go to 'ADMIN' > 'Property Settings' > Tracking ID 
    (e.g: UA-XXXX-X)

Set up analytic tracking with the Google Analytics Suite

Step 1 - Create a container file

  • Save this link to your computer as a .json file ROLLER_GTM_Template.json
  • Replace the following values with your account IDs (marked as // UPDATE VALUE)

Step 2 - Import your container file 

  • In Google Tag Manager go to 'ADMIN' > ' Import Container'
    suggested import options:
    Workspace: Default Workspace
        Import Options: Merge (then overwrite)

Step 3 - Check your configuration

  • Navigate to 'Tags' and check the following has been added:
        - Angulartics Events
        - Angulartics Pageviews
  • Navigate to 'Triggers' and check the following has been added:
        - Angulartics events
        - Angulartics pageviews
  • Navigate to 'Variables' and check the following has been added:
        - angulartics page path
        - angulartics event category
        - angulartics event action
        - angulartics event label
        - angulartics event value
        - angulartics event interaction type
        - Google Analytics Tracking ID - Angulartics
  • If all tags, triggers and variables have been added press 'SUBMIT'
    please note: before you 'Submit' the changes you can 'Preview' and debug the workspace by visiting your site from this web browser. 

Step 4 - Add GTM tracking to your ROLLER checkouts

  • Login to your ROLLER admin here
  • Go to 'Settings' > 'Integrations'
  • Under Google Tag Manager account number, enter your Public GTM ID
    (please note: when using GTM you DO NOT need to enter your Google Analytics account number)
  • Press Update

Step 5 - Viewing your data from Google Analytics

  • From the Google Analytics dashboard go to 'Behaviour' > 'Events' > 'Overview'.
  • Click on each of the below for more information

stage > Stage Event
displays each stage of the checkout process, how many customers made it through to each stage as well as how many customers were unique visitors

totalTickets > confirmation
displays a list of "total number of tickets purchased" per transaction/event. 

totalAmount > confirmation
displays a list of the "total transaction amounts" per transaction/event. 

please note:
 data will only be recorded once the set up is complete. To test your configuration, you will need to wait for a transaction to be processed.


For advanced conversion tracking you will need to set up ROLLER GA ecommerce. View the article here - Setting up Advanced Conversion Tracking

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