Using Time Tracker

Find the Sign In Device

Head to the venue's computer or device where Time Tracker is to track your shift


Clock In

Click 'Let's Go' and enter your passcode (this is a unique numeric password assigned to each staff member), hit 'Next' when you've keyed this in. If the passcode is incorrect, it will prompt an error message

You will be shown a Welcome Screen and asked for confirmation if you want to 'Clock In', once this is confirmed, you will see a success screen and be shown the exact start time of your shift. You can click 'Done' or after 10 seconds, it will automatically log you out.




After your initial sign in, you can log in at any time to take a break by selecting the 'Take Break' option:

  • When you select the break option, it'll confirm the start time of your break
  • On your next sign into Time Tracker, it'll automatically end your break and let you know how long you were away for




Finish your Shift

Sign into your Time Tracker and click on 'Finish Shift' - this will confirm the amount of time you have spent working 

Note: you can click 'Cancel' or 'Oops, go back' if you've changed your mind or made a mistake




If you need to make adjustments to existing shifts or breaks, please speak with your Supervisor or Manager

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