Managing Time Tracker

Head to Time Tracker in Admin

Hover over the 'Settings' option in the navigation, select 'Staff' and click on 'Time Logs'


On the Shifts page

You can filter by date or dates using the following options:

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Yesterday
  • On...(a specific date
  • Between...(a date range)
  • Within the next...(# of days, weeks or months)
  • Within the last...(# of days, weeks or months)

The data will then be displayed for each and all staff that worked during the specified date(s) giving an overview of:

  • Staff member
  • Total break hours
  • Total hours


Add Shift

If for whatever reason, an employee wasn't able to or had forgotten to track their shift, any ROLLER user with Manager or Admin permission levels have the option to + Add Shift which is located in the top right corner of the Shifts page. This prompts a pop up modal which allows you to:

  • Choose a staff member
  • Set the Date In and Date Out 
  • Designate the Shift Start and End time
  • The ability to add multiple breaks as needed

Once you've keyed in all the requirements of the shift, click 'Add shift' 


Exporting Data

Clicking the three dot icon in the top right corner gives you options to export the data from this page in two formats, as either a:

  • CSV
  • PDF

Viewing a Staff Member's Shifts

If you click the three dot icon for a specific user, there is the option to view an overview of a team member's shifts



In this Shift view for a particular employee, you will see details of all their shifts as per the date filters including:

  • Clock In (time and date)
  • Clock Out (time and date)
  • Total Break Hours
  • Total Hours



From here, you can click the three dot icon for each shift to either:

  • Edit the shift (the same options as the 'Add Shift' functionality)
  • Archive the shift - this removes the shift from the list. Please note you will be asked to confirm if you want to archive the shift as it is not a reversible action
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