Reporting categories

Categorize your products using General Ledger codes for accounting purposes.

Head to Reports

Hover on the 'Reports' option from the left-hand side menu and click on 'Reporting categories'

Please note, you can also access this from the Reports page, click the 'Reporting category' button located in the top right


Reporting categories

Underneath the page title will let you know the stats of:

  • Total products- in the platform
  • Unassigned- the number of active products not assigned to GL codes and categories
  • Unassigned (Archived) - the number of archived products not assigned to GL codes and categories

Please note: Your reporting may be ineffective if not all products are assigned GL codes




Create a Reporting category

You will be taken to a new page, if you have nothing set up, click +Add Category and if you already have existing categories, hit +New Category in the top right corner



To create a category, you need to give it:

  • A name
  • The GL code it is assigned to
  • Select the product(s) that it should be assigned to

Click Save to make the changes live


Optional: you can click the three dot icon to create subcategories under the category. If you have more GL Codes/Reporting Categories you need to add, click 'New Category' and repeat the previous steps.




Click the three dot icon in the intended category or subcategory, and select Delete from the drop-down menu. Please note this is irreversible


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