Product Categories


Product categories is an admin tool to help manage products by allowing the grouping of products into useful categories to access them easier throughout the platform, including when searching for the availability of a group of products.

By default, products are grouped by type such as Session, Pass, Add-on, etc but with Product categories, you can customise different product types under one title such as Parties


How to access 

Hover over the 'Products' menu and select 'All Products'



In the top right, click on the 'Categories' icon 



Create New category 

Click the button '+ Create category'


Give it a name, e.g. Party and search for products to add to the category. Repeat if you need to add more products and click 'Save'

Repeat these steps to add more categories



Edit Categories

Toggle between existing categories to change the name, add more products or remove them by clicking the Delete button (trash can icon)



Deleting Categories

Click the more button (three dots symbol) to delete a category. Please note this action is not reversible and a pop up modal will ask to confirm deletion



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