Customer Segments


Segments allow you to group customers together based on specific rules. If this functionality is not available on your platform, you may require to upgrade your account 

Accessing Segments

Hover over ' Customers', highlight 'Segmentation' and click 'Create segment'




Please note, if you are already in Customers, click on the 'Segments' button', in the right-hand side, it's located next to the '+New Customer' button



Click '+Create segment', if you already have existing segments, this is located in the top right corner



Creating a Segment

Give it a name

  • Make sure it's unique
  • We recommend making sure it's identifiable or descriptive with what the segment is for 



Segment Rules


  • Booking date - allows you to select specific dates or date ranges 
  • Last visit date - allows you to select specific dates or date ranges 
  • Postcode - options are equal to or not equal to a specified postcode. If your platform is not configured to capturing postcodes, this option is not applicable to you
  • Product - select a product, multiple products or entire categories
  • Date of birth - allows you to select specific dates or date ranges. This data capture is only available to clients using waivers and the date of birth is applicable only to the booking holder
  • Booking status - choose between booked or cancelled 
  • Accept marketing - this allows you to filter those who have opted in and those who have not subscribed to the venue's database
  • Total spend - this allows you to filter the customers based on their total spend at the venue
  • Average spend - this allows you to filter customers based on their average spend based on all their visits to the venue

And VS Or
You should always use AND if you want data to match at least one filter rule from each filter grouping, otherwise use OR if the data can match anyone specified filter rule within a filter grouping.


Creating filter rules

Click '+Add Rule' and select the filter from the drop down and specify as necessary. Click the 'OR' and 'AND' buttons to create more variables for the filter rules. Click the trash can icon to remove unwanted filters



Segment Settings  

Push segment to

This is only available to clients with our ROLLER Mail integration


Save your Segment

Click 'Save' to finalise your segment or click 'Discard' if you do not require it





Back to the Segments page, you'll be shown a list of all your Segments


Click the more button and the following options will be displayed for each segment:

  • Edit
  • Sync all integrations - coming soon
  • Archive segment - this is not reversible
  • Export CSV - this will automatically download the customer list for the segment with the customer ID, first name, last name, email, accept marketing and more




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