Activating EMBED points for Stock



EMBED offers cashless payment systems allowing the issue of value cards to be used, for example, on gaming machines. With this integration, clients utilising EMBED can now redeem points from cards on stock items on the ROLLER POS system. If you are already using EMBED and want to activate this integration for your platform, please contact ROLLER support.

If you have this feature activated, these are the steps on how to add EMBED points to your stock items


Head to the Products page 

Hover over the 'Products' tab and click on 'Stock'


If you are already on the Products page, you can click on the Stock icon (picture below) which is located in the top right corner


Add a new or edit an existing Stock product

In your stock product, scroll down to the stock item and click the three dot icon to show advanced settings. Click the 'Allow use of EMBED points to purchase product' setting and type in the number of points required for purchase.

There is also the option to make the item a 'Points only product' which will grey out the price field as the product cannot be purchased by money and is only redeemable by points


Repeat these steps where necessary for all items that are to be used with EMBED cards



Save your Changes

Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page to make these changes live 

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