Using EMBED on POS



EMBED offers cashless payment systems allowing the issue of value cards to be used, for example, on gaming machines. With this integration, clients utilising EMBED can now redeem points from cards on stock items on the ROLLER POS system. If you are already using EMBED and want to activate this integration for your platform, please contact ROLLER support.

If you have this feature activated, these are the steps on how to redeem on POS using EMBED



Redeeming EMBED cards

Turn on EMBED points

On your POS, toggle the EMBED points switch to on, any items not redeemable wil disappear from the list



If there are no products that can be used in conjunction with EMBED, this error message will pop up:



Add items

Select items to add to the cart, you'll be able to see how much each item is worth in points and the total, click Pay



Scan the EMBED card

Select the 'EMBED Card' option on the Payments page and scan or key in the unique ID of the card. Click 'Done' to add



Finalise transaction

The transaction will allocate the total points from the transaction to the card. Click 'Complete Payment' and POS will deduct the points from the card


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