Navigating ROLLER Venue Manager



Our navigation for ROLLER Venue Manager allows you to navigate to sub-pages using a flyout menu. This will allow you to move around the platform much more quickly

To navigate to sub-pages, simply hover over a section title then select that page you wish to visit in the flyout menu. The page you are currently on will always be highlighted in blue in the navigation


You can also now minimise the navigation to allow more space for the main interface. But have no fear, you can still easily navigate around the platform in this mode using the flyout menus

To minimize the navigation to display icons only, please click the < arrow and click this again to expand the left-hand side menu


Site Map

We have reorganised the pages in the Venue Manager slightly so that things are more easily found. This means that items that used to be page buttons are now accessed from the main navigation. It's important to note that some of these menu items might not be activated on your platform depending on your subscription.

To familiarise yourself with the new structure; please see our sitemap below:


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