Create a one-off schedule in Sessions

A session pass contains Schedules that define the venue's opening and closing hours on a particular day - as well as the ticket types you will sell for each time slot.

There might be a scenario which requires editing the existing schedule to extend or restrict your opening hours or change the ticket types sold - for one particular date in time. For example, management might decide to close early on a public holiday, or maybe you would like to sell an additional ticket type for a special event.

This article will cover how to add a one-off schedule to your calendar. For information on how to first add a new ticket type - please see this article.

Edit your existing product

From the Products page, click the more button of the product you want to edit and select 'Edit'. Once in the sessions product configuration, make sure your calendar is visible, you can toggle the calendar in and out of view by clicking the 'Calendar' button located in the top right



Add a one-off schedule

On your calendar, locate the single date that you wish to alter and click on it. In this example, we are using July 1st. You will see a pop up appear to confirm that you would like to add a schedule for this date. Click ‘Continue’


What this will do is remove your chosen date from its current Schedule and add it as a new one off schedule. The newly created schedule will be an exact duplicate of its previous schedule - ready for you to make changes.

From here you can add, edit or remove sessions or change the ticket types available in your existing time slots. To find out more about adding sessions see the article here.




Save changes 

Click the 'Save' button located towards the bottom of the page


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