Adding a new ticket type to your Sessions

After initial product set up, over time, there may be occasions which require you to add new ticket types or edit existing ones.

Edit your existing sessions product 

From the Products page, click the more button of the product you want to edit and select 'Edit'.




Add a new ticket type

Navigate to the Ticket types section and + Add another ticket type. Make sure you give your new ticket a name and price, as well as setting up the location/s that the ticket will use. Tip: the locations for your new ticket type will copy from the above ticket type, so you might not need to change it at all.

The consecutive sessions, description, and advanced sections are not compulsory - but you can read up on this in this article. Click 'Done' 



Add your new ticket type to schedule(s)

Halfway there! Simply creating a ticket won’t automatically add it for sale in your schedules - follow the steps below to add the new ticket type to an existing schedule:

  1. Navigate to the Schedules section and click the schedule you want to edit to see the time slots available. From here, click on a time slot to edit it
  2. In the pop-up that opens, click 'Add Pass' and select your newly created ticket type. Press 'Save'
  3. Repeat for all time slots in all schedules as required and don’t forget to hit 'Done' to save the changes made to that particular schedule


Note: If you want to add your ticket to a one-off date that will not affect your current schedules, click here to learn a how-to create a one-off schedule.


Save changes 

Click the 'Save' button located towards the bottom of the page to make changes live. Please note if this product is for sale on POS, any new ticket types will have to be added to each POS device as well if required to be available for purchase in venue or at box office




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