Migrating products onto our Session Builder

This article has been created to help you transition any of the products built on our legacy session builder to our Session Builder


Edit the current session product

From the 'All products' page, click the more button of the legacy product and select 'Edit' so that you are able to see its configuration


Use two browser tabs 

From this screen, right-click the 'Create product' menu item in the navigation, so that it'll open in a new tab or windows to create the new Session pass.

Toggling between the two tabs will make the process faster and to diminish the amount of manual work. This means that you’ll be able to move all the Product Details across by simply copying & pasting them (and formatting where required) in the appropriate text boxes



Create a spreadsheet (optional)

The legacy builder calendar can be quite complex to navigate especially if you have a large number of schedules, we highly recommend creating a spreadsheet with all the different schedules available for that product (e.g. Mon-Fri, running from 10 am to 8 pm, 10-4 off-peak, 4-8 peak, 6-7pm fitness session on Monday). Doing this step will make the sessions’ creation process much more intuitive


Create a new session product

To help you work your way around the advanced session builder, please read this article which covers everything you need to know about the Session Builder. If you get stuck somewhere or need our assistance, please do not hesitate to log a support ticket


Archiving the product 

It is best practice to archive the product to avoid confusion and inefficiencies. Once you've recreated the Sessions product on our builder, it may be consuming when you're on the Products page, it will look like there are two identical products. To easily identify the difference between the two, our tip is to edit the legacy product name to include a symbol e.g. * or !, so you will know to archive that specific product. Please note: you will need to 'Save' the legacy product for the name change to be actioned


We highly recommend adding the new product to the online checkouts and POS menus prior to archiving the old product.



Please note: For reporting purposes, if you wish to see the data that has been generated by any archived products, under “Product name” make sure to “Select none” when pulling the reports as highlighted in this article.

“Product name - this filter is used to include or exclude certain products from appearing on the report. Leaving it blank will include all products including archived products if there is a booking for that product within the selected date range. If you click "select all", it will only include products that are active as at the day you run the report”




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