Multi-pass - an introduction

Multi-passes are passes that can be used for a set amount of visits to encourage repeat visits to your venue (for a discounted price) such as a 5 Visit Pass, Monthly or a seasonal pass like a Summer Pass.



Using ROLLER, there are two ways to configure a multi-pass product and this depends on how customers redeem their visits:

  • Checking in - This options enables to set a multi-pass for x amount of visits and a set period of time (e.g. valid for 10 uses, 6 months from purchase date) 
    Venue type: This is suited for Theme Parks and Attractions
    Redemption: Customers can check in on entry and it will count as one use of their multi pass
    Tracking: Use the Attendance report to see the number of uses made for each pass
  • Booking online - Customers purchase a pass and are issued a unique discount code that allows them to book a session ahead of time
    Venue type: This is suited for Trampoline Parks or venues that may have limited capacity
    Redemption: Using their designated discount code, customers can book themselves in online or quote this over the phone or in venue 
    Tracking: Use the Discounts section to see how often their code has been utilised


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