Frequently Asked Questions relating to ROLLER Mail: 

1. Where can I capture subscribers within ROLLER and ROLLER Mail?

From the ROLLER platform, customers can opt-in via the checkout flow as well as via the waiver. Staff can ask your customers if they want to be added to your marketing database when they purchase something at POS in venue or over the phone during the booking process. Please ensure that your consumer-facing marketing opt-ins are turned on in your Account Settings.

Staff should be briefed on how to properly ask for this information and should only be opting customers in with their explicit permission. This ensures you have a clean list and reduced the amount of unsubscribes and to ensure you don't violate anti-spam laws.

From ROLLER Mail, you can create sign up forms that can be linked from or embedded into the business's website, Facebook page and you can also create a subscribe form for a tablet.


2. If a customer calls and wants to unsubscribe from my mailing list, where should I manage this from?

The ROLLER Mail integration will only send customer data of those who have subscribed from the platform. If a customer has subscribed in the past, they can opt out directly from the venue's ROLLER Mail preference centre and from the email communications that have been sent to them.

If an individual has contacted you directly, you can opt them out from the ROLLER Mail platform easily. By default, when someone unsubscribes from one of your lists, they are automatically unsubscribed from all of your lists. They also get added to your suppression list, to prevent any further emails being sent to them accidentally.

Any emails added to the suppression list will not be imported into ROLLER Mail, even if they are considered as opted in from the ROLLER platform. If you want to take double precautions, you can also update their opt-in on the ROLLER platform in Customers.


3. Can I resubscribe a customer if they accidentally unsubscribe?

Yes, this is possible and can only be done from the ROLLER Mail account, please read this article for more information.

4. There's no opt-in option on my checkouts or on my waiver page?

If you cannot see this available, please check the platform's Account Settings and make sure those options are switched on.

5. I've created a segment in my ROLLER platform and a list in my ROLLER Mail account, why isn't a segment appearing in my ROLLER Mail account?

The segments in ROLLER allows to send the relevant data through the integration into the ROLLER Mail account, it doesn't create segments within ROLLER Mail lists automatically but rather provides the data to allow creating segments as required by the business's marketing goals e.g. by booking status, by booking dates, by postcodes, etc.

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