Adding a new location to an existing Session product

After initial product set up, over time, there may be occasions which require you add another location the configuration


Edit your existing sessions product 

From the Products page, click the more button of the product you want to edit and select 'Edit'.



Add the location

To add a new location, this will need to be added in 3 places:


From the drop-down, select any additional location(s) that you want to add to the product




Ticket types

Click the ticket type to expand its location settings, add the additional location and click 'Done'. Repeat the aforementioned steps for each relevant ticket type 



Add to each session

As you can see there's an orange error message than an additional location isn't added to the session schedules.

Click on the schedule and select the session time, under 'Locations', click '+Add location' and select the location, repeat steps if you need to add more than one location. Click 'Save'

Repeat the aforementioned steps for each session for every schedule require




Save changes 

Click the 'Save' button in the bottom left corner to make these changes live



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