Process & redeem external e-commerce deals

This article outlines instructions on how to process a campaign with an external e-commerce company such as Groupon or Scoopon on the ROLLER system


This article will cover

  • Creating a product to be able to process and recognise revenue received from the e-commerce company
  • How to add that revenue through the system
  • How to upload and redeem external offers
  • Which reports to utilise 


1. Create an open product

Hover over the 'Products' button in the left-hand side navigation and select 'Create product'



On the Products page and select the Add-Ons button


Fill in the details

  • Add a Name: Set the name to "E-Commerce company name Revenue", e.g. "Groupon Revenue"
  • Upload an Image (optional): so that this stands out in POS, you can add an image (390 by 640 pixels) to clearly distinguish from other passes or add ons


Just a few more details

Select the same tax rate that applies to the regular product and set the fees to 'The customer will pay for all fees'



Click the 'Save' button once everything has been configured

2. Add the open product in POS

Each time funds are received from Groupon, make a sale for the product in the POS. The reason we use the POS is that the item is automatically checked in for today and will appear in reports immediately. Before anything can be sold - let’s add the new product onto the POS menu for sale

Head to the Sell settings

Click Sell from the Settings menu options 



Create a new menu 

Choose a date and press Sync Data to get the latest product list available for the date you've selected. Click the Add POS Menu Tab button when this finishes loading



Give the menu a name, in this example, we are naming it  'Groupon Revenue' as per the product name. Add the product by searching in the search bar and ticking the checkbox for the product names. Click 'Add'



Click Save menu



3. How to mark the product as received in POS

Tip: In Settings > Device: please make sure you have ‘Default tender to full amount’ and 'Auto check-in on purchase’ settings toggled to "Yes" 


Register the cheque payment in POS

When you receive a cheque from the external e-commerce company, follow these steps:

  1. Open POS and click on the menu on the left-hand side
  2. Click on the Revenue product, enter the amount received as stated on the cheque and add the date received in the Notes section. Please note that both of these are required and we highly recommend that you standardise the format (especially the date format) to how these notes are written so it remains consistent
  3. Click 'Apply' and 'Pay Total'
  4. On the next screen, select 'Cheque' as the payment method, enter the cheque number as a reference and click 'Continue'
  5. Click the 'Complete Payment' button to finalise



4. Input discount codes into ROLLER

Each time a customer purchases the offer, the e-commerce company will send them a discount code to redeem their product or ticket. Companies such as Groupon will know the codes before the offer begins and should provide these to you in CSV (Microsoft Excel) format. Follow the instructions below to activate the codes in ROLLER ⬇️


Create the Discount code

In Admin, navigate to 'Products', hover over 'Discount Codes' and select 'Create discount code'



  1. Give the Discount a Name e.g. 'GROUPON 2 x 60 minute Jump'

  2. Set the Discount amount
  • 100 % off ‘Specific item’ - select the product that the offer is for
  • Max. applicable amount: enter the maximum price that can be redeemed e.g. the offer is for 2 x 60-minute jump tickets which equate to $50


  • Input how many times the discount can be used, this will depend on how many tickets they can redeem, in this example it is 2 and always select the 'per item' option from the drop-down. Do not click 'Codes can only be used once' unless the redemption is only for one use


3. Under 'Create code/s' select 'Batch upload codes'

Click ‘Upload codes’ and select the corresponding CSV file sent by the external e-commerce site.  Please note that the maximum is 1000 codes per file. Codes can be letters and numbers only but cannot have special characters



4. Set when is this discount code active:

If the code doesn't require an expiry, leave it at the default which is 'All the time'


Otherwise, if you would like it to expire, you can click 'Select dates...' and a pop-up modal will prompt you to change the setting to 'Date range'. From here, set up the expiry as required. Click 'Save' button on the modal to confirm


Save Discount code

Click the 'Save' button in the bottom right when you've finalised all the settings 


Repeat if necessary 

Please repeat the aforementioned steps for all offers and types as required


5. Redeeming via POS

The guest will be able to use their discount code online to book a jump or visit the venue and present at the counter to redeem. For guests that have pre-booked online, follow the normal process for check-in. For any customers that have not pre-booked, follow the below instructions to discount jump time using their designated discount code.


Redeem tickets with discount codes

1. Add the tickets to the POS cart

2. Click on 'Discount', input their code and click 'Add'

3. If the discount code is valid, click 'Pay Total' and 'Complete Payment'


Continue check-in process as normal


6. Reporting on revenue

Recommended Reports 


Head to the Reports section in the left-hand side menu and use the following:

  • The ‘Discount code usage’ report- this allows to view the booking ID, date and uses of each discount code a customer presents
  • The ‘Finance Report - Accrual Accounting’ report- will track the incoming revenue of the Revenue product created including tax received


Tip: Click the 'Column settings' button if more columns as required by clicking the   icon.



Using the Discount code usage report:

In the report, ensure you filter the following information:

  • Select the discount code for the product e.g. ‘GROUPON 2 x 60 minute jump’
  • Set the date range


Click Apply Filters



Using the Finance Report - Accrual Accounting report:

In the report, ensure you filter the following information:

  • Set the date range
  • Filter by Product Name e.g. ’Groupon Revenue’
  • The Booking Location should be set to 'All bookings' and all other filters should be set to ‘Everything’


Click Apply Filters


Tip: Refer to column headers stating  ‘Total funds received’ and ‘Tax collected’


Exporting report data 

As with all ROLLER reports, click more button in the right corner to export to CSV






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