Recurring Pass - an introduction

Encourage repeat visits by allowing customers to book themselves in for programs, term-based courses or repeating classes. A recurring booking is a booking that occurs more than once at regular intervals such as every Saturday at 12 pm or 6:30 pm on the last Friday of every month. Watch the video below 👇 


Online Checkout

From the website or ROLLER platform link, customers can book themselves in from the start of the course or select a date later in the course and only pay for the sessions that they are booked in. 




Venue Manager

All customers booked into a recurring pass, on the 'Order' tab under 'Booking items', each line will represent each session they are booked into for the product




Most platforms will have the itemised ticket configured, this attaches a PDF with each session on an individual page, that the customer is booked for 


Master Ticket

For platforms with master tickets configured, it will show all session dates and times on the one ticket as below:


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