Update Policy

This section is to set Terms & Conditions and also adjust opt-in settings 

Head to Policy

Hover over 'Settings', 'Account' and select 'Policy'



Venue terms & conditions

Venue terms and conditions are displayed when purchasing any product online. Add product-specific terms and conditions at the product level. These will be displayed in addition to the venue terms and conditions

Write or copy and paste the information into the text box, the format options will allow you to bold, italicise, underline, use bullet points, numbering and hyperlinking



Mailing list subscriptions

Ask customers if they want to subscribe to your mailing list when providing an email address in the online checkout and when signing waivers.

  • 'Ask customers to join mailing list' - to capture marketing opt-ins or are using ROLLER Mail, this option must be checked
  • 'Message to accompany subscription checkbox' - allows customisation of the message e.g. I would like to subscribe to receive special offers and promos
  • 'Checkbox is selected by default (customers must uncheck to not opt-in to the mailing list)' - please check the legal requirements for anti-spam for the region you are in, if the business is bound by GDPR, do not check this option




Anytime a change is made, the 'Save' button will appear in the bottom right corner, click this to make changes live




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