How to add a tip (gratuity) in POS

A tip, also known as a gratuity, is a sum of money paid to an employee by a customer in addition to the cost of their booking. If you would like to be able to add tips to a booking but don’t see the tipping button in your POS - contact support to have this enabled for the platform


Adding a tip

Tips can only be added from the booking in POS:

  • For partially or unpaid bookings, when you click the 'Charge' button, there is an option to add a tip in the payment popup modal 
  • For all bookings including paid bookings, there is also a button in the lefthand side panel of the booking if a customer decides to tip separately to the initial payment.

When you select Tip, you can select it to go to the General Pool or to a specific team member. You can use the keypad to put a specific amount in or use the preset percentages of 15%, 18% and 20%. Click Add Tip to take payment for this and process the total payment


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