How to add a tip (gratuity) in POS

A tip, also known as a gratuity, is a sum of money paid to an employee by a customer in addition to the cost of their booking. If you would like to be able to add tips to a booking but don’t see the tipping button in your POS - contact support to have this enabled for the platform


Adding a tip

Tips can only be added from the booking in POS via these methods:

  • For partially or unpaid bookings, when you click the 'Charge' button, there is an option to add a tip in the payment popup modal 
  • For all bookings including paid bookings, there is also an option when clicking the more button to add a 'Tip'. This suits the scenario whereby a customer decides to tip on the day but the booking is paid in full already

When you select Tip, you can select it to go to the General Pool or to a specific team member. You can use the keypad to put a specific amount in or use the preset percentages of 15%, 18% and 20%. Click 'Add Tip To Booking' to take payment for this and process the total owed on the payment calculator


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