Adding items to an existing booking in POS

Search for booking

Login to your POS and search in the Bookings tab using the Booking ID or Booking Name. Click on the correct booking to bring up the booking details



Add items for the same day

Click the '+ Add items' button on the left-hand side panel. At the top of the right-hand side panel, there's a confirmation stating 'Adding to booking # - Booking name' e.g. 'Adding to booking #9684595 John Smith'. From here, select a POS menu as you would for new bookings and add items to the cart accordingly - these items will default to the current date



Add items for a different date

Please note: It is not possible to add items for past dates, only for future dates 

After clicking the '+ Add items' button, you can change the date and then add items from menus. In the cart, you can see the date the product is being added for and when returning to the booking itself, items will be split per date




Pay later

Selecting this option will add the items to the booking and the screen will go back to the booking itself




Pay total

Selecting the 'Pay total' option will take payment for any outstanding items for the entire booking, not just the items added. After clicking this, the payment modal will pop up so you can take payment and select the payment method


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