Cancel gift card

Head to the Gift Card area

Hover over the 'Products' menu and select 'All Products'



From the 'Products' page, find your product, click the more button and select 'View Giftcards'


Find your Gift Card

You will be taken to the Manage section of your Gift Card product. Type in the gift card ID into the search box that appears, this will show the exact gift card you want to edit

Click the more icon for that row and select View giftcard 




Cancel the booking 

This will redirect to the Gift card ID page in the Booking ID - the gift card is linked to its booking ID, if you cancel the booking ID, it will automatically cancel the gift card in effect. On the Booking page, click the 'More' button and select 'Cancel booking'.  A pop-up modal will for confirmation - please note, this action is not reversible.

If there are multiple gift cards in the one booking ID, please note it will cancel all gift cards. In the event, only one needs to be cancelled, it is recommended to adjust that singular gift card to a balance of $0



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