Setting up Discount Codes

How to set up discount codes for promotional offers, multi-passes and more

Head to the Discounts area

Hover on 'Products', select 'Discount Codes' and click on 'Create Discount Code'


Alternatively, you can click + Create a Discount Code in the top right on the Discounts page



Create the Discount 

Discount Name

This field is required and must be unique




  • Manually enter codes - type a code and press 'Enter' on the keyboard, repeat these steps to add more codes. Click the button to remove the code
  • Upload codes -  upload a CSV file with each unique discount code in its own cell. Download our template and replace it with own codes. Please note: there is a maximum limit of 1000 codes per upload
  • Issue codes on purchase - this allows for automatic issuing of discount codes when customers buy a certain product. If you select "Issue codes on purchase" different Usage options appear when restricting booking dates, you can either choose "Recurring Dates" or a "Range from date of purchase". This can be used to encourage sales of a specific product or to create a Multi-pass. This also has the option to 'Use ticket ID as discount code'



Discount type

There are 3 types and all have the option to check it as an employee discount:

  • Percentage - set a value (%) and ability to define a maximum possible discount e.g. the customer can get 10% off their entire booking to a maximum value of $30
  • Fixed amount - set value ($) that is a whole number
  • 2 for 1 - allows you to offer a product at Buy 1, Get 1 Free or 50% off the transaction for 2 tickets





Select the product(s) or ticket type(s) the discount is applicable to. For 'Percentage' and 'Fixed amount' discounts, the 'All products (existing and future products)' option is automatically checked. Uncheck this option to restrict the discount to specific offerings

Click the 'Search' bar and select by product type, search for a specific product/item or click the drop downs as necessary to select what is needed. Click the 'Apply' button when done

Please note: that multiple products or ticket types cannot be applied to more than one ticket type for 2-for-1 discount code configuration





  • Restrict redemption dates - setting a date range here refers to the date(s) when a customer can actually use the code online, the transaction date in relation to the current date. For example, if you set the date range to October 2018 and the date is currently 29th September 2018, the code is not valid for use. To set this, click 'Select dates' and select a date range from the pop up modal. Click 'Save' to apply

  • Restrict booking dates - restrict discount use to products/bookings that occur on certain booking dates - for example, there is the ability allow the discount to only apply for customers who want to book their pass for the 5th of December even though the product has booking dates for the entire month of December. Click 'Select dates' and select a date range and days from the pop up modal. Click 'Save' to apply


  • Redemption locations - restrict where redemptions can occur such as Venue Manager, POS only, Consumer checkout or a combination 



  • Usage limits - limit the number of times the discount can be used:
    - Per code: this is ideal for situations whereby you want to create urgency, e.g. First 10 people to use this discount code receives 25% off. There is also the option to create a booking rule and set a number of uses 'across selected products (quantity purchased counts towards uses)' as well as 'allowing multiple uses of a code in the same booking'. Please note: that multiple uses of a code in the same booking are not applicable on the consumer checkout
    Per code per day - is the same as per code but can only be used to limit customers a set amount of times on each valid booking date set by the discount booking date restrictions
    - Per customer: to limit it so that customers aren't using it for every purchase, e.g. one use per customer
    - For each selected product (regardless of quantity purchased) - if a discount is configured for 10 uses over 2 different products such as a General Admission and Child's ticket. If a customer buys 5 General Admission tickets in one transaction, this will count as one single use of the 10
    - Across selected products (quantity purchased counts towards uses) - this means that customers can use the code a set amount of times per product. For example, if a discount has been set so it can only be used 5 times in total for a Sessions product. If they buy 3 session tickets in one transaction, it will count as 3 out of 5 uses


Please note: discount codes cannot be set to expire a set amount of time from code generation


Publish discount

Click Save to publish this Discount Code, the button is located in the bottom right




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